After age of around 30, women lose about 3 to 8% of their muscle mass per decade, and this rate of loss is even higher after the age of 60.

Fitness training programmes can be designed to develop one or a number of aspects of physical fitness.  There is fitness for cardiovascular (heart/lung) efficiency, for strength, speed, increased range of movement, muscle endurance, power, agility and balance.

Each aspect of fitness involves varying contributions of the energy systems.  Which type of fitness is important will depend on the needs of the individual.  This is where experience counts on getting the results for the client’s needs knowing which areas of the energy systems (e.g. Anaerobic or Aerobic systems) to work most effectively to get the best results and reach the clients goals.

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Functional Training Gold Coast Fitness

Functional Training is the key in slowing down the ageing process.

Movement Milestones has been “Programming for your life” since 2018 and is now expanding into looking after mature adults of the Gold Coast by introducing group fitness and individual Functional Training in its own private, functional training and wellness studio at Broadbeach, with plenty of parking.  Privacy is the key to this studio so our mature client’s feel comfortable with caring and empathetic trainers who understand the needs of their client’s who can train in a secure,  private environment without feeling intimidated but encouraging them to get their life back on track with fun and laughter.

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